Thursday, September 27, 2007


So I've got to leave on a charter flight to Manchester this Sunday. Tomorrow, I've got to pay my bills, pick up my laundry and try to finish all the pending paperwork before I leave. Also got to get some victim to water my weeds and start up my car for the week I'll be away. I've really got to find a girl friend soon. Anyone has Hannah Tan's number? (Bart, don't jinx it...)

I hope to get tickets to the Devils vs Roma midweek match as I've never seen a European Cup match before.And no, I'm not a fan of either club but football is football. There might even be an event I hope to crash with Paul Gascoigne and Les Ferdinand. Other than that it will probably be drinking Guinness and hoping to be able to get into some club without too much fuss from the anal bouncers - "No sneakers, Timberlands or T-shirts mate!"

I'll have to go for the customary bangers and mash just to satisfy the urge for 'local' food. I've stayed away from Manchester fish and chips after the last experience where the i swear the grease from the cardboard 'tray' came alive and attempted to strangle one of my socks.

I still haven't downloaded songs for the MP3 and don't know which half finished book I should take along for the potentially 22 hour flight. I need to plan if I can get out of packing an extra pair of shoes for 'posh' meetings. For once i managed to find some stuff - the map of Manchester is spotted and stored. I've got to remember to pack a Malaysian jersey to wear over there as no one will know what team it is. Hope I don't get kicked in the face for wearing that at the Theatre of Dreams. Malaysia Boleh eh wot?


Nex said...

How's it going in Manchester? Are you walking around all decked out in MU attire from head to toe? :P

ah lim said...

Do you really need to start your car even if you left it for a week?? Nissan should be better than that right? :P

Chindiana said...

Wei, don't start with that la Nex. No no MU outfits!

Ah Lim - no the Nissan was fine after the one week! Nissan boleh!