Thursday, October 11, 2007

Malaysian Angkasawan 2

"Komrade Kommander, the Malaysian says he's heading home because you won't let him have his Gudang Garam after his dinner."*

*Yeah lame I know, but I still think this is a dumbass idea and the pic has nothing to do with the Malaysian space tourist mission.
**Picture courtesy of Astronomy Pic of the Day.
Go HERE for more great shots from Astronomy Picture of the Day.


Nex said...

Kommander: Grab Sheikh by the neck, shove him in front of the nearest airlock, open the inner door, kick him into the airlock, close the inner door, shout "THIS...IS...ISS!", and open the outer door.

Sorry I know he's your homie but I have no respect for pretty boy part-time-model/astronaut wannabe who waste my tax money...

Chindiana said...

Ok la we forget he's orang Negri but actually he's just pawn in this thing. I forget who's idea it was anyway to send him up. Bet you its going to be Datuk Sheikh(Shake:) when the dude touches down.