Saturday, September 29, 2007


YIPEEEEKAYE! Yesterday was one of the best starts to a day any human being can have! Period. Full Stop!

I received a message on Thursday from AM Finance - something garbled which ended with "please call AM Finance." Damn, they're coming to repossess my car, was the first thing that flashed across my mind. I'm quite forgetful with the finance boys and have had the odd lawyer letter sent to me over the years after I had missed the mandatory 2 months payment. I've never really tracked the car payments and always considered it a pain. I hate that so much money in an investment depreciates the moment your ass touches the seat.

So I woke up early, picked up my laundry, killed time with some mee hoon goreng and went in with my ringo$$$ to get the hounds off my back.

After the lady at the counter started punching in some things into the PC, she started looking concerned. She meekly said something like ".....last payment"

"Last payment? I think I paid past month."

"mumblemumblemumble.....last payment. Mumble mumble mumble $$$640"

"Ya la. Bulan lalu. Just tell me the extra. Is that the outstanding?"

"Encik Chindiana, ini your last payment untuk kereta encik. Balance I give back RM640."

"????? Oh....."

At this point I think I started grinning like an idiot because the poor, patient lady looked a little alarmed. "Please take a seat, I'll call you later."

So I say again YIPPPPEEEEEKAYE ! I also took the balance RM640 and dumped it into one of my credit card accounts. Yeap, celebrating like an adult now...

One down - 2 credit cards to go, the apartment and the factory lot. The cards should be done next month. The apartment's cool as I took out a loan with an enterprising aunt who figured interest on an apartment with her punk nephew would be higher than letting it rot in fixed deposit. Its the factory lot that's a right pain in the ass.

As some of you know its my dad's, that I'm paying off. Something he paid too much for and I have no idea what he's doing with it. He comes up with excuses everytime I talk to him about selling it and I'm getting worried. I have no idea exactly where it is, it's size ranges from 2,500 - 3,500 sq ft depending on his mood when he tells me about it. Much too small for a pirated VCD manufacturing facility (hmm..maybe not), don't think he's breeding 8 legged headless mutant chickens and I seriously doubt if he's even renting it out.

I've got this image that the day I stumble on it I'll find out its been turned in a pole dancing gogo bar for stressed out Indonesian and Bangladeshi illegals. So that'll be me with a plastic bag over my head if you ever come across some report of a vice raid somewhere in Seremban in the dailies.

Anyway, I'm off to get a quality steering lock for my car. Have a great week folks!


Nex said...

Congrats dude! Now the car is truly yours! Well what's left of it anyway...he he he.

One thing you GOT TO MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE is that the finance company actually submit the letter to JPJ to tell them you finish paying your car, and have JPJ cancel the status 'UNDER LOAN' from your car registration card.

I didn't follow up when I paid off my car and just found out (5 years later) that my car's status is still 'UNDER LOAN', as far as JPJ is concerned. Good thing I'm a pack rat and don't throw away any documents, so I can still get the status changed, but it's a rude shock and it involves a fair bit of running around to get it done.

Chindiana said...

Great! Thanks for that info dude!