Friday, September 14, 2007


Tarantino's going to be known for directing and producing a few critically acclaimed and controversial movies just so he could indulge in his fetish in all that was B-grade from '70s cinema. Grindhouse is a movie MADE to look bad - bad editing , missing scenes, ridiculous action and make-up a transvestite would cringe at, but it's also glorious that it doesn't give a fuck what you think. But its Tarantino and Rodriguez (I looked the spelling up:) so even though its supposed to look shite it still draws you in - how else can you get a monologue on Ava Gardner in a zombie movie? Where else are you going to get a one legged babe with an M40(issit? not sure) assault rifle with grenade launcher for an artificial limb? I love it that it doesn't take itself seriously. It's got Said from Lost peeping around a corner just to get Wiley E Cayoted, its got testicales in a bag, its got hot lesbian doctors, awesome car chases and the most scarily realistic call for gun control among children.

Far, far more fun that Nicole Kidman, her tight aunty sweaters and hippie aliens in Invasion.

Since its banned here, head on over to your friendly neighbourhood Shiny Disc Hero for a copy. Great viewing after a stressful week. Check the copy as mine only had Planet Terror. The Kurt Russel Deathproof was missing (its a 2 in 1 movie) and particularly the retro movie trailers which i was looking forward to - Werewolf Women of the SS! A pity G'house bombed at the box off or else I'd be waiting for the next installment!

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