Saturday, September 22, 2007

Google Earth/Sky

Eiffel Tower

I was badly hooked on Google Earth about 2 years ago. After the standard search for my home I started looking for places I've visited abroad, popular monuments, terrain, new trails but realised that the maps around KL were a bit outdated (it still showed development around the Putrajaya/Dengkil areas and not all areas were sharp enough. Outside of KL especially Seremban I can't get close enough as the satellite imagery just blurs up when you try to get closer for more details.

When i heard they lauched Google Sky a while back and I updated my Google Earth program and found that all most areas in KL and Malaysia were updated too(updated but still not 100% - Curve still under construction). It's still fun all this while for those odd times when I feel like exploring the world from the comfort of my home.

Click on the images for better visuals to appreciate the details.

The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Mount Everest

Yep, that's the size of Antartica. All that ice just waiting to melt with this global warming thingy.

Actually my first choice was Shah Alam Stadium but could only find this stadium in the UK.

The Chrysler Building in New York. The perspective in the US seemed different. Probably more satellite images/surveillance pointed in that direction??? More Conspiracy Theories Amway!!! Welcome back dude! : )
Closer To Home:

Kuala Lumpur City Center from a cloud's POV.

A plane flies over the area near Gurney Drive in Penang.

The 13km Penang Bridge reduced to thread like dimensions when viewed from way up high.

Hey, you even get to see Acha Curry House near Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

The settlement of illegal immigrants from Philippines on Pulau Gaya, just off Kota Kinabalu

The mosque and Prime Minister's residence in Putrajaya.


Google Sky is an amateur astronomers wet dream. It shows you the sky as seen from that particular country. It may not be as fun as Google Earth as the Universe is just so vast but it makes me feel that I'm reading a children's edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Click on that galaxy and you zoom in closer and I cakap sama yew, you can get happy imagining you're on the Millenium Falcon for that 2 seconds!

The Andromeda Galaxy. I had a toy horse called Andromeda once. Sorry...

Closer....All pictures are supplied by the Hubble Telescope and NASA and I think they will be teaming up with other space agencies around the world.

Closer.... The closer you get the more stars and nebula and galaxies appear. You can click on links for more info etc.

Literally now the Universe is not so mysterious anymore. We literally can print out the night sky that is directly above us (with constellation and planet guides) take an easy chair outside with a beer and just start learning about the galaxy we live in.
With all the shit in the world this is just a reminder that tech can and will make this plane of existence a smaller place. Google Sea might be longer off as its much larger than the land mass but virtually unexplored.
In a couple of years, wives can check real-time if their husbands' cars are parked outside Club De Vegas after office hours! Ah technology, thou art a double edged sword.

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