Thursday, September 13, 2007

Damn, I Got Tagged!

OK, don't ask me but it seems like its this game that chicks play from blog to blog. So it seems like I'm invited into the Yaya Sisterhood of Travelling Pants and have been tagged by Farah Siva - who was turned by Laych who already tagged Han Solo .

So I'm supposed to answer some Top 5 questions and then forward to 5 people I know. Since I only know you bunch of batangs who read this blog, get ready to answer........

5 things in my handbag
- ?????????????????? OK Sorry ladies it's been a while since I crossed dressed.

5 things in my purse (i guess wallet in Jantanland)
- ID
- Credit Cards
- Cash
- Toys 'R Us membership card

5 things in my favourite room (that's my hall)
- My supercalifragilistic comfy couch that anatomically conforms to my ass
- My CD collection
- The Breakfast at Tiffany's retro poster (which is on loan. I haven't forgotten Small!)
- The Lava Lamp
- The figurine of that sexy little manga angel on my DVD player

5 things I would like/love to do
- Explore Mongolia
- Open up a bar in Guam or Bali
- Write a bestseller that will surpass that Potter tit
- Have nasi lemak breakfast with Tun Doc Mahatir, Stephen Hawking and Elvis
- A non-PR related date with Hannah Tan

5 things I'm currently doing
- Starting up a new job and trying to build it up as soon as possible
- Trying to figure out this dating game after being out of it for so long
- Trying NOT to be mean to silly women
- Bloggin/writing
- Trying to sell off my toy collection and grow up!

Haha! SO NOW I hereby TAG the following folks to get in on the action:

1. The only woman I know who hasn't been tagged yet (I think) - June

2. Pol at - c'mon Mr. Sensitivity!

3. Richard Bart Augustin at - Care to share Evilness Incarnate?

4. Ah Lim - get your self a blog!!!! - or post your answers on mine!

5. And of course Mr H at - i just know you're sensitive deep inside dude.

Come gents, get your groove on and get in touch with your female sides! I'll forward the answers to the women who started this thing. I'll even answer the handbag thing if you do too!


S'wak said...

Awww... thanks a lot, dude!!!! @#$%#!!! What'd you go do that for!?!

Nex said...

Aiyoh, I was wondering when this will happen to me...escaped it countless times before when people I know were tagged.

Ah well, ok lah, time to divulge some personal information (which I try very hard not to do in cyberspace), but prepared to be disappointed; not that's I'd lie about it but those info are really quite boring...

ah lim said...

What will happen lar if you don't forward to 5 people?

5 things in my handbag
-sorry, no handbag... not metrosexual either.

5 things in my wallet
-ATM cards
-Credit Card
-Picture of my family

5 things in my favorite room (don't have a fav room)

5 things i would like/love to do
-Get rich
-Once rich, i can spend all my time searching for the Purpose of my life
-live long enough to find the Purpose of my life (need to do it this lifetime)
-don't know
-don't know

5 things i'm currently doing
-planning for something
-thinking why am i actually answering this... should just ignore it!
-thinking of what to do tonight

Jun-E said...

Ahh. Kena tag. Damn you.


Chindiana said...

Ahhh...i bask in the warmth of your appreciation for me!

C'mon you East Malaysians, I just know you boys have those man bags tucked away somewhere! HAHAHA!

Han Solo said...

Hey I have travel and tour industry contacts in Mongolia! Seriously. Can put you in touch with them. And none of them are from the Shaariibuu family, heh heh

Chindiana said...

Solo! thats great. I can compare to the costs from Bart Augusts' contacts too! Yak milk, here i come!