Sunday, September 2, 2007

Carey Island

Woke up early today and dragged along Eagle Eyed Ah Lim at the last minute and set off for Carey Island (take the KESAS highway and turn off at the Banting exit and head ALL the way straight till you get to a mini roundabout and take 12 0'clock. Then turn right to take the short bridge to the island).

I hear Carey Island is famous for its seafood but today I was heading for the Golden Hope oil palm plantations. I was looking for long and flat terrain as I'm looking at taking up cycling to ease of the pressure on my busted knees.

Lots of endless irrigation canals...

..endless roads and ...

... lots and lots of endless red dirt trails.

The air was fresh, the wind was rustling through the trees and the many and we're not talking the tube top wearing types from the Asian Heritage Row. As we walked along the red dirt trails, we saw ospreys, sea eagles, king fishers, storks and those tiny little tweety ones flitting, gliding and just nonchalantly swooping around the trees. Other wild life made appearances too- monitor lizards, big and small and squirrels. As they were too quick for me I guess you'll have to settle for pictures of static vegetation that were more than happy to pose for me...

Me Trying To Show Sensitivity.

Me Trying To Show Sensitivity 2. And a nectar sucking bee (top right flower).

We were lucky as it was slightly overcast so it was all good. Almost perfect conditions.

Ah Lim fearlessly crossing the Death Bridge of Thunder Chasm River.

This building was built in 1930 and still is in immaculate condition. At least from the outside la.


The jewel in the crown on Carey Island. This used to be the plantation manager's quarters. Someone still lives here and we sorta rudely walked in to take a few pictures. Its this beautiful English cottage/home and you're literally sucked into the past as soon as your feet start crunching on the gravel driveway.

The grounds were PERFECT. A picture book brought to life.

We really wanted to speak to the residents but I think they were inside (the car was parked around the corner) and we didn't really want to intrude on their Sunday morning by knocking on their door.

Tea and scones anyone?

The Guesthouse near the Carey Island Sports Club

The very charming and cosey Carey Island Sports club. It sports a 9 hole golf course, a swimming pool and I think a tennis court out back. When you walk up to it you can imagine the images of past Mat Salleh planters dressed in their best party gear dancing away on Christmas or New Year's Eve as they celebrated life in a foreign exotic land.

It serves very basic but decent food. They're open from 7am - 7pm. The coffees we had were old school strong and sweet and the mee goreng simple and satisfying. I love this place as walking around I noticed it's almost untouched since the day is was built. Even the toilets have ceiling fans!

What else can you ask for? Strong black coffee, a gentle wind in your face and a thousand shades of green all around you.

The classic plantation football pitch - green, green grass. Just have to be careful of the odd cobra in the grass.

On the right is the river mouth that leads to the Straits of Malacca. On the left is the golf course. Notice that the water level is almost the same as the road on the opposite side of the breaker wall in the middle.

Local kids fishing on pier. The opposite side of the river leads to Port Klang.

The 'beach' is nothing much more than rocks stretched out in both directions. The water is muddy and not worth much except you get to see the container ships en route to Port Klang.

Carey Island is a world of it's own. Literally untouched, it's a throwback to simpler elegant times. As usual the rude intrusion of modern times has crossed the bridge to the island and is evident by some ugly new brown buildings at the entrance to Heritage Island section of the Island. There's still things to see like the Mah Meri carvers which I didn't have time to track down. I'm going back of course, to enjoy some morsels of another time period and to take in as much as I can before we loose this gorgeous testament to historical preservation to the encroaching tides of modernisation(damn, that was a mouthful...).


ah lim said...

Yo bruder! We definitely should go with a mountain bike, then we can cover more area. Thanks for asking me along.

Btw, sorry abt the misquoted fares. My fault. Teh and roti on me lar next time.

Chindiana said...

No prob la! We'll see if we can book Hatters Castle for a BBQ one day.

And no worries bout the fares, it's all good.

ah lim said...

Seremban Fellar, i've just sent you the only 1 pic of you in Carey Island. Please check your Yahoo mail.

Eagled Eyed Ah Lim :P

Chindiana said...

damn!forgot about that...