Friday, September 21, 2007

Avram Who?

As Mourinho drives home an estimated 20million pounds richer, Avram Grant, the director of football at Chelsea takes over the management of the last superstar team in the world. His interference in the running of the team was one of the reasons The Special One left. Mourinho won Europe's most prestigious tournament with Porto, a somewhat mediocre team compared to the teams studded with big name players, so why should folks like Grant get involved? And that's on top of Abromovich paying huge $$$ for players of HIS personal choice just because he's funding the team. The more the business of football BECOMES more about BUSINESS, the expectations and management styles of essentially investors who have no inkling of the soul of the game somehow creates unrealistic expectations from a club. Football is soul, passion, synergy with the other in the same shirt on the pitch. How do KPI's compare to broken ankles or torn ligaments? How long does a team that's forced together by an excellent Portuguese coach, a Russian oil baron and an ex-coach of Israeli football teams have to gel and click before the owner gets impatient with his ROI?

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