Friday, June 29, 2007

How Much Is Too Much?

"Hey, I'm still ok allright? It's just one for the road..."

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Malaysian DJs

Oh fuk me, my head's still spinning. The end of music is nigh upon us! I just heard Jojo (that 15 year old soul 'prodigy') singing some song with samples from TOTO's Africa, motherlovin' TOTO man! When a half way decent singer is left in the hands of producers totally devoid of ideas and have to resort to samples from a group of sessionists then you just know that you were right Small, the Americans have long scrapped the bottom of the barrel and they're just coming up with the wood chips now...

Aaaaanyway... I majorly digress.

Radio DJ - Radio Disc Jockey. Not Radio Comedian NOT Radio Political Analyst, NOT Radio Super Stud Muffin and most definitely NOT Radio Pseudo-Americans, English or Australians. DJs in Malaysia are everything BUT themselves. I don't see why they can't be more natural. In the effort to sound cooler they just end up sounding like self indulgent morons.

I have to admit the standard of our radio DJs HAS improved but lets give notice to the remnants out there who are so self absorbed with themselves that you realise that they are so busy ego stroking themselves that they are actually talking to THEMSELVES and not TO the LISTENERS.

I think the best DJs are those who allow their true personalities command the attention of a listener and you can relate to them as people and not some clown TRYING to be his OWN personification of a glamorous persona.

Anon from Lite is cool, articulate and smooth. You can imagine him sipping wine at a bar somewhere. Phat Fabes(Fly) is so naturally warm and easy-going that you feel like he would give you a genuine beaming smile if you were to go up to him at a mamak stall. Even the older legends had strong personalities, and did not come across as character actors - Patrick Teoh, a naturally mean, grumpy bastard and Yasmin Yusoff - a hyper canary on crack. When Mr. Teoh put you down early on the morning even before you had your morning coffee, you knew whatever he said came directly from his mean old heart. When Yasmin did her machine gun Good Mornings we gritted our teeth in disgust that someone was naturally so chirpy at 6am, and it didn't matter if it might have been induced by 10 lumps of sugar in a quadruple espresso, it was real.

There are others too like Nathalie from Mix, Jason Lo and even the boys on Traxx Traffic who you can warm up to if you can relate to their personalities.

Some just plain abuse the medium they have to play silly juvenile jokes on listeners and worse, their own colleagues because it's harder to make an outsider see the funnier side of an asinine prank. These are very unfunny times folks.

Here's my list of the worst offenders on our airwaves:

Most Unintelligible Accents - Green Man and Scam Boy(?) (Traxx FM morning show)
These two clowns have (had? are they still on?) the worst fake accents in the business. It was a wonder that anyone could make out their anal banter with accents that seemed to be a combination of an Crack whore from Compton, as Australian dingo hunter and a putumayam seller from Seremban.

Best Unintentional Imitation
The Edmyster (Traxx FM) - I don't mind if you've got a lisp but when the dude seems to overcompensate by droning on and on and TRYING to be cool its like Daffy Duck reading a typical Malaysia welcome address at a Ministerial Meeting at the weekly Parliament gatherings. Makes you want to kill yourself with with your car steering lock.

Most Irritating Duo
First choice was the Hitz Morning Crew but its normally only during the juvenile humour of the Gotcha segments so I'll let it pass. Besides it's be a matter of time before one of the real victims (and not those set up with friends nonsense) is waiting for them along the highway to the Astro building in the wee hours of the morning with plastic bags of piss and some hockey sticks.

My choice is the Meg and Pat combo from, you guessed it Traxx. This Shiok Sendiri couple seem to take the Traxx mantra of anal banter to a new level and the sheer naivete of their knowledge of the world is astounding.

Most Wannabe An Urban Chinaman but Failing Badly
Richard Ng (Mix) - what is up with him? A Chinese guy who tries to speak like those genial but loud know-it all Chinese guys at the coffee shop but instead seems to loose his way halfway through a sentence. Even his promo ads - don't try so hard la brudder, and the only people who call others 'buddy' are Indian fellas and a coupla Canadians. And what's with ending the sentence with 'leh'? That's Singaporean LA!

Most Disturbing Music Selection
RED (Redifusion) - Paul Hardcastle, New Kids On the Block, Michael Learns to Rock... what the ...???

Enough Negativity, here's some good parts:

Coolest DJ
Pricilla Patrick (Traffic Reports on all AMP English Channels)
When you can put down stupid drivers in Malaysia with such dry sarcasm you don't need to play music for me.

Most Articulate DJ (Anon - Light)
That's just it - he's naturally friendly, speaks well, knows his stuff and the best part doesn't display his articulate English like a Purple Heart.

Best Music - Retro/Eighties mix
Najee (Traxx - although he shouldn't speak) and the Jake man and some other dude(Hitz or Mix am not sure,retro mix sessions on Sunday afternoons)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit 1967 - 2007

UPDATE 9.57am 27th June 2007 - Distressing news. Official reports confirm that is was a murder-suicide. There's too many stories with too much speculation so I'll leave it at that. The question is - What was this quiet, dedicated man going through over the weekend which made him take the life of his family and himself? It was not a crime of rage as bibles were found next to the bodies.

Bart August just broke the news to me this morning. Chris Benoit the WWE Superstar passed away yesterday under tragic and mysterious circumstances. He and his family were found dead at their home when the police arrived when concerned colleagues couldn't reach him when he left the show early to attend to a family emergency.

This is not how life is supposed to be. He was the quiet one. The one who would leave the special VIP rooms that we set aside for the World Wrestling Entertainment staff and talent whenever they came over for shows or promotional tours in Asia. He would instead make his way to the coffee house like any other guest and have his breakfast there. This is how i found him - a tough, ripped man, eating his 15 egg whites quietly in a corner at the Hyatt Hotel coffee house in Singapore. I left him alone the first day but had to ask if there was anything wrong at the VIP room. Instead he said he liked the quiet at the coffee house and invited me to have breakfast with him. Those who work with me know that i don't give a fuk for personalities and can spot a fake offer but Chris was genuine and so i did. We talked shop, the business side of wrestling and from then and every breakfast after that. And no, wrestlers are NOT all grunting Neanderthals waiting to rip off the heads off your cat or baby bunnies.

He spoke of his family and the tough life of a wrestler. He asked questions on Malaysia and Singapore. He was genuinely interested. This was a good and honest man who cared for his family and was incredibly passionate about his craft.

Rest in peace Chris. I hope you and your family find everlasting peace.

Monday, June 25, 2007

MORE Japan GT !

Had more pictures so thought I'd spread the joy around.

The Japan GT is great. They make it accessible for the fans to get close and personal to the cars and the amiable ambassadors, the GT Race Queens. The price of the ticket is about RM150 for the weekend, far lesser than the thousand plus that set you back for a grandstand ticket for Formula One.

The introduction of servicing a car by lap top spelt the death knell for Ah Seng Motor Workshops all over the world.

The things you bump into in a fire escape....

It's a pity promotions for motor sports seems still lacking. We've got that 14 year old kid Jazeman that's kicking adult butt in the Formula BMW but the majority of Malaysians don't seem to get caught up or excited with the motor sports culture.

The little ray of sunshine that brought a smile to Bart August and warmed his evil, cynical heart...

The pit walks, grid visits and the Circuit Safari introduced by the organisers are just great to get people to get up close and personal to the teams and the soul of the sport. Yes, it does take some RMs to get that close but it's just forgoing just one night at Asian Heritage Row.

These girls are fantastic! They pose on queue, keep an eye out for anyone who is focusing a camera on them and they will strike a pose for the shutter bug, doesn't matter if you're a professional photographer or a kid with a camera phone. And they have that true to life Japanese girlish cutey action features that make you feel you're in a middle of an episode of Cardcaptor Sakura or if you're a perv, some Hentai action...

After the posing and preening the gents take the beasts out for a run in the park.

"I'm sorry, what? Nak dating mat rempit?"

Life in the pits...


I do not know her name so I'll call her Kimiko. Kimiko IS going to be the mother of my children.

Really, she told me herself. When she comes back to KL. Next year. Maybe. And if her GT driver boyfriend doesn't shove an old spoiler up my ass...

*All pictures copyright of Chindiana Trails

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Japan GT Malaysia 2007


I just got back from my first Japan GT and found out that the Japan GT Queens are as much a part of the teams as the high performance monsters roaring around the track. I'm not a car person but it does put you in a daze when you see a decked out technological machine hooked up to 2 laptops and at the touch of the ENTER key on the pad the engine roars to life. The Porches, Ferraris, Lexus, Fairlady's were awesome especially the low rumbling of the Nissans that made your heart follow in tune to their beat. The girls are the show stealers of course so just enjoy the pictures.

Some cars...

Some babes...

Some Ferrari...

I really do not think Neil Gaiman had this in mind when he created the Endless in the Sandman comics...

"Galactica, I think I just found your stealth fighter... "

As expected the girls are photographed more than the cars and yep, her 'outfit' was made from the mum's curtains...

Pole sitter Takata who stalled on the grid and was thus relegated to the transport container zone

Yeah, the feminists out there must be rolling their eyes but the job is physically demanding especially in the Malaysian heat and these professional models do not let up on their role at all throughout the whole weekend.

The grid walk, open to members from the Paddock Club, sponsors and the media

Having fun in the sun. The hot, swealtering sun...

No, this is not one of our overworked bus drivers moonlighting in the Japan GT but a brilliant piece of marketing called the Circuit Safari where paying members of the public ride around the track in a bus while the Japan GT race cars zip PAST AND AROUND the bus during their warm up laps! Fukin' awesome. Its RM150 a pop for about 2 rounds and they managed to fill 9 buses.

"See you again next year Malaysia!"

Special thanks to Bart August for scoring me the access pass!

* All pictures copyrighted by Chindiana Trails

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spawn meets HALO

Finally the best toy company in the world is going to make one of the coolest looking console games characters ever! McFarlane Toys, the insane bastards know for their fantastic sculpted action figures will release figures from the HALO 3 game in spring next year (that's like May or June Asian time)

On the left is the prototype but it will definitely change as that armour's is from HALO 2. If any of you see the 12" or 18" versions please feel free to send one piece my way!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100 ml on Board

In Bangkok i was asked at check in if i had any liquids above 100ml and if i did i was to remove it. Before the departure hall there was a physical luggage check and then it went through the scanner. My toiletries that were about 100ml were still taken out and put into a clear plastic bag to carry separately.

And it didn't really help when I was exposed to being the Serial Hotel Toiletries Raider when 3 bars of soap, gels, wash, shampoo and other loot from the Chaoy Praya Park Hotel had to be ceremoniously transferred into that clear plastic bag which i then had to walk about 40 meters to get it scanned in full public eye of my fellow travellers. Fukers.....

So business travellers on short trips with no check in luggage, there's really no point grabbing stuff from the hotel toilets(unless you're ok to being exposed) or supplies from Boots for the missus!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

The Suvarnabhumi(Realm of God) Airport in Bangkok is constructed on the same steel and glass style similar to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It has suffered from a reputation from being haunted or has bad feng shui as there was a cemetery in the vicinity when the Thai Government bought the Cobra Swamp way back in 1973. Plans were suspended after a student uprising but things got off the ground again in '96. Mysterious occurrences were a norm in the airport (including 2 reported deaths of airport personnel) until there was a exorcism and rights performed by 99 monks to cleanse the place.

From the exterior some parts make it look like the tentacled arms of a fossilised giant Octopasaurus so its strangely disturbing. The interior seems to have many levels as it weaves about the place. I'm not a planning expert but it sorta lacks flow...But weird as it is, the designers MUST have been great sci-fi fans as there are some dramatic structural elements that would make it a great setting for the next episode of Battlestar Galactica!

And below some shots from a religious stand point. From my scarce knowledge of Hindu and Buddhist mythology this looks like a group of Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) tugging on a huge ass serpent/dragon thing that's curled around a huge ass rock with what might be Vishnu or his Krishna reincarnation doing the God Chill Out Pose.

Don't know if it's intentional but the dude in the middle looks like someone just told him he was NOT getting overtime for having to hold and tug at a giant snake for eternity! Sucker..

*All pictures copyrighted by Chindiana Trails and its photographer


1000 VISITORS!!!
Damn, i was just putting up some prizes when the list was at 998 and suddenly 3 of you stopped by. Leave comment NOW for a special prize. The NEXT 2 get something! Don't worry I've stopped giving out used underwear...Oh and leave some sort of contact number in case i don't know you or am not familiar with you pseudonym

Monday, June 18, 2007

2 Ties in 3 Days

The last time I wore a tie was 3 months ago AND I had to travel with a suit. This past couple of days saw me TWICE put on a shirt AND a tie AND a suit within the space of 3 days. I hate these suit and tie get-ups. When passing a mirror somewhere I realised I was cradling my jacket as if it were a fresh 'biawak' road kill from the Seremban to Kuala Pilah trunk road and definitely not with the ease you see the Mat Salleh fellas flounce about with it with aplomb.

And my health is paying the price for this unnatural abuse to the Asian body. The fever hit after the first tie and shirt incident, flew into Bangkok on Saturday with Suit, Fever, Cold and Sore Throat. The next day my inflamed throat made me sound like the bastard love child of Alanis Morisette and Jabba the Hut.

I don’t get it why we have to wear suits. It’s a Mat Salleh thing la. We’re living in the tropics for fuks sake. If suits were a way of life for us tropical folks, the entire South East Asian population would be suffering from low sperm counts and our bodies a whole lot skinnier. Putting on a suit is saying “ I need to look good, I need to impress someone, I need some loving…” And invariable on the OTHER side of the table is the same guy wearing a suit and he’s thinking the same thing too! The poor table can feel the air of expectancy in the air. Do you realize whenever there’s a suit in attendance someone’s selling and someone’s buying? The table knows that. He told me himself.

Ditching the suits will probably make meetings a lot shorter and sieve out the politically correct bullshit that eats up time - "Eh brudder, dat wan bullshit la, the equity share option only if you come in last month la. C'mon la, you give me face we settle like gentemen la! On ah? If On, den we go to the mamak kena some teh tarik lah. Dat fler goreng pisang damn good oso..."

We need a wardrobe that'll reflect our identities. Easy going, friendly, chilled out....OK, OK, you Singaporeans can keep the suits.

And the Ties. Why, oh fukin WHY do we need to hang cloth from our necks? Babies have them, dentists make us wear it and the old waiters in Coliseum Restaurant personally tie one on for you before the arrival of your sizzling steak, but these serve a purpose and scarily two have them are related to drool control. Do we drool at meetings? Only if some bimbo turns up at a business meeting with bouncy cleavage action and most women are more professional than that. Afraid your Raoul shirt will get attacked by sizzling barbecue sauce? Only if the loud guy across the table sprays his words instead of saying it.

C'mon folks lets fight these bonds of repression of our true feelings! Let us free our necks from the evil vice of this silk seducer who promises us fame, wealth and success! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

*last line dedicated to my combo of Penadol and cold tablets

Friday, June 15, 2007


Kona, Hawaii. This is how we should spend our Friday evenings. Not taking photos, but by a beach. With an ice cold beer. And some ribs.

Its ironic that a photographer can capture a moment for eternity but he'll never be able to enjoy that moment. Do you think he felt the warm sea breeze cooling in as the sun sets, heard the wind rustling through the coconut trees, the gulls as they flew home to nest and the waves crumbling onto the beach? He was probably fussing over the picture composition, light, camera speed, his tripod and whatever it takes to capture that perfect shot. I guess all that fuss DOES get him boasting rights at the end. For someone like me? Mr. Take In The Moment with my booze and ribs? Probably just a beer gut and a vague memory of some yellow, reddish glow in the horizon burning gently through my drunken haze...

For more photos taken by the same photographer go HERE. He's got some shots of Malaysia as well as from around the world.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Letting Go

So finally, after a year I finally gave up on ever getting back with her. It must have taken the paintball pellet shot to my head on Sunday for the reality of the situation to dawn on me. Even though the signs were there for almost 8 months. My repeated cancelled trips to London didn't help much i guess. I also knew from the frosty receptions from the calls to the apartment were for an obvious reason but somehow I just couldn't let it go completely. She'd moved on but I was still chilling out in Limbo waiting for a Tamil movie ending(London invaded by zombies, I fly in on an AirAsia budget long haul plane, Tony serves me Pak Nasir's Nasi Lemak at 30,000ft before I HALO towards the city right into her apartment. I fight off the zombies with my sweaty futsal underwear,I grab her and rush out to catch the plane back, pay Tony for the extra baggage and jet back to Seremban where I have a coconut tree and a sari waiting for the grand dance finale)

So dumbass and SLOW moron that i am i finally emailed my 'release form' to her. I kept it short. Just exactly the words that were on my mind as i typed it. Thank god the Chinese side of me kicked in and I kept it strictly business. Fuk knows if the 'macha' side of me kicked in I would have downed half a container of paraquat, dowsed myself with kerosene, stuck a lit match up my arse and jumped in front of the Seremban to Gemas mail train!

I'm typing this as soon as I've read her reply. Which somehow surprisingly has made some part of me feel at peace. She even used the name that she used to call me and not "Dear Sir" in her reply. It was a reply all replies should be, the reply from the heart of your closest friend.

9 years is a long time and she was my best friend for more than that. And without a doubt (remember the India half is laying burnt and sprawled somewhere on the railway track down South) they WERE the happiest 9 years of my life. And you know what, I can even count the rough times in the relationship - total added minutes of shouting, merajuk, pouting surly action was less than 2 weeks. 2 rough weeks drama in 9 years? That's World Championship Happy Days folks! The No Going To Bed Without Making Up Rule helped a lot. How many of you love struck morons out there can testify to that?

Yes, yes as most of you have already given my ears a burning because it's MY FAULT for letting her go, my fault for not asking her to marry me earlier but done is done so fuk it la....finished already.

So what now? After 9 years in a relationship imagining I would grow old with her and now I'm supposed to go out there and adapt to a new species of woman? Scary....

Ladies, start your engines...

Husbands and boy friends, if you're bigger than me, just make sure your ladies tell me up front.

Bartholomew - please bring out the FHM contacts list!

Small, I'm keeping the comet. It doesn't hurt anymore and it's actually comforting to see it up there.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yoda - The Lost Years

"Stretch! Streeeeeetch you must! Or else a SHORT storm trooper you will be...!"

Captured by the Galactic Empire after fleeing the fight with Darth Sidious, Yoda the Chief Clueless Hippie of the Jedi Order found himself reluctantly serving the Empire to pay off the loans taken to pay off the unsuccessful training to repair his speech impediment...
* Picture courtesy of Chindiana Trails

Public Service Ads

Has anyone heard the ad where Miss Malaysia/World announces (sounding a little full of herself) that she's sponsoring some kid in Mozambique for RM50 a month and that we should too? Ooo... and for that we get to write to this child and she might write back? First off, why the kid in far off Africa and not from the many child shelters in PJ or KL or Ipoh and anywhere else in Malaysia? OK, I'm a somewhat hypocritical ass as i don't do anything for the kids in PJ, Subang, Seremban, Mozambique or even Hogwarts Castle. I take the easy way out, I pack up all the free apparel or stuff I get at events and just drop it off at some volunteer's house so he sorts out where to send it.

But come on, does she think that poor starving kid in Mozambique is going to write? "Thank you ma'am for your kind donation that the volunteer organisation will be lucky enough to get half of it? And of yeah actually as I sit here looking at the volunteer from Bristol writing this letter on my behalf I don't actually give a rats ass???" I know a friend who actually goes weekly to some orphanages in PJ every couple of weeks. Sometimes she even takes these kids out to malls for fun. No bad, she's got some brownie points with Saint Pete. More than most of us are doing I guess.

Shouldn't charity start at home? But I love this country, where doing something charitable abroad that has more hype seems more worthwhile than something closer to home which is low key to the point of being invisible - "Yes, Daaaahling, my SPONSORED little Tuti Klik Klik Matilda in Mozambique just siiimply adores me. Here! look at this lovely photo she managed to send me. Doesn't she look simply adorable in that new dress?" the background? Oh, that's the butt stock of an AK-47 dear..."

I especially like the anti-music piracy ad on the radio station. But I love it when they say without supporting original music/singers/bands all we're going to get are the sounds of silence.

I'm soooo scared because we're actually staring at a musical revolution now in this decade and if we don't support Rihana, Amerie, Vanesa Hutchens and the Attack of the Clones from the P. Diddy School of Formula Soul, and alt/punk bands like Good Charlotte, we will single handedly end the cultivation of great music on this planet. We MUST support their life changing music and their slickly produced music videos and choreographed dance 'moves'....

The generation of sheep herding has started folks. The tobacco companies strategy of suggestive marketing is taken to a larger level here - go for the youngest audience you can get, tell them a singer or band is Way Cool and they WILL buy the album. Even if they DO sound like frogs on crack without a sound mixing studio in audience(has anyone heard the Levine guy from Maroon 5 performing live???)! So it's kind of ironic when we're 'threatened' by silence if we don't support ORIGINAL music.

The fact of the matter is there is not much original music to support. 90% of the music today is FORMULA AND MARKETING. Do you think in 30 years time when you and your loved one walk along a dusty road in your twilight years, you're going to think back "oh, that's a special song for us" when you hear "Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back? Why would anyone want to spend good hard cash on an album with probably 2 listenable songs that you will forget in a month? There's a reason that old bands like U2, the Stones and Aerosmith still do well. The great soul and R&B singers too. Their music has content and heart. Even Marlyn Manson's music kicks a cactus up your ass but the bulk of the shite over the airwaves is just the same old tired ploy. Singers and bands are products now NOT artists, no matter who says she or he wrote their own songs. That's the marketing or PR ,department talking.There is a reason that we download stuff off the net because some things are just not worth paying for.

Public service messages do serve a purpose though. If 1% of those who listen in actually stop lane hogging, throwing rubbish out of their apartments or start wearing their helmets on their bikes then I guess those messages have made a difference. Just wish those messages wouldn't get so hypocritical sometimes.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

An Alleycat Passes

Yeah, i know it's late but this is just a mark of respect for a dude who was part of a much larger picture way back when. Loga Arumugam, the flute playing half of the seemingly evergreen Alleycats band passed on recently. Do i remember the music? Yes. Was I a fan? Not really. Malay pop songs were not really my thing although the Blues Gang were a sentimental favourite.

But fluff pop music aside what the Alleycats accomplished since the '70s was uniting the country with music. Back in the day when political insecurity did not hamper this country's development and cultural evolution, two afro topped 'machas' (and their band) managed to get Malays from all walks of life to sing along to their songs and even some hard nosed Chinese fellers to hum along to their sentimental ditties of love and yearning. Is that going to happen in the near future? No sir, we're even more racially segregated now.

So Loga dude, I may have used to wonder at the seeming popularity of your songs but thanks for leaving me with the longer lasting memory of a better, simpler and freer world.

Saber Squirrels

Darth Alvin twirled backwards like a possessed pinata as the slower Jedis, Chip Nutella and Dale Gimmesomtail, attempted to disarm him in the buzzing heat from the battle of lightsabers! If only they could agree to share their nuts...
Got this off Flickr. I just wish it was Utube footage! For more squirelly pics sans the special effects go HERE.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

BBQ Bukit Tinggi Restaurant

I've got a love/hate relationship with this joint. It's got good food and a great cosy feel to it no doubt, but their prices seem erratic. Of course I'd vent away if I could substantiate it but the main problem is that since i order in Cantonese and you all know my Chinese is rubbish I can't really blame them 100%. Fact though is that the portions especially for the lamb seems to have halved since we started going here.. And the prices seem exorbitant for some dishes. And they've just taken off the my favourite garlic kacang botol dish off the menu!

This is the regular place we go to after our Janda Baik hikes and the food IS excellent - the Fresh Sea Food steamed platter is supposedly well known even for people in KL. We stick to the vegetable dishes that are very fresh, the Fish Baked in Salt (in Cantonese its goes something like Snow Mountain Fish thing...), the Braised Pork (or 4 edged or square pork), the kacang botol and the 'mikel" Fish. I have no idea what the flying fish is Mikel but it sort of tasted tuna-ish, maybe mackerel?

Anyway they don't speak English there and my attempts at Malay didn't help much so that is why I'm resorted to ordering in Cantonese. Which is actually quite stupid as I'm sometimes not sure if I've ordered mixed vegetables or tandoori fried horse! Well, anticipation is everything innit???

I just need to go back and verify the prices with someone who speaks proper Cantonese and not some Chindian hybrid of Cantonese/English/Malay or worse some Hokkien fellow attempting Cantonese! Anyway they charged us RM30 for 3 small pieces of lamb, RM18 for a pork dish, RM8 for herbal tea and RM30 for the Mikel Fish. I know sometimes when we go there we're not charged so much but i cant remember as the frequency on average is about every 3-4 months. Its sad if they saw the Irish boys and decided to charge us Tourist prices. Well if anyone wants to verify their prices for me you can find them behind the BP station (sorry, what's the new name after the Bousted re-branding?), about 50 meters before the tunnel that can take you the that French Village thing at Bukit Tinggi(if you're coming from the old Bukit Tinggi town. Or its the second turnoff after the Karak Highway tunnel (after Genting turnoff) and then I think you head towards the sign that says Bukit Tinggi and then you take the tunnel on your right.

I think the little girl who takes our order is the devil. The prices started going up since she came in and some of her recommendations are dodgy - Don't go for the Apollo - it's basically red chili shells and she only recommends the expensive dishes. And she's the one who broke me the news that kacang bottle is off the menu.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Janda Baik

Finally got a digital camera out to Janda Baik, located before Bukit Tinggi. Went with the boys from Aston Moore. We started late about 9.00am and the sun was out already.

Luckily it was shady most of the way. The first half of the trail was not the normal mud pit as I feared and the guys had some fun at the main stream crossing. Jon and Edward even had time to take a dip.
The monkeys were hooting out their obvious displeasure at the bunch of city slickers pussyfooting over the slightly muddy path.

The vegetable farmers are clearing up more areas for their farms now. So far as it's a commercial farming area there's no outright environmental damage. The streams are still clear and chilly cold especially in the mornings.

Next step is trying to make some sense of trail 2 on the other side of the hills and also spending some time in the town area. In the meanwhile enjoy the pictures!

Hey Ah Lim, sorry didn't call man, it was a very last minute trip. Thousand apologies!

The banana orchard at the beginning of the trail.

The Fellowship of Leprechauns set forth to find the elusive Land of Kacang Botol.

The truck trail which can lead all the way to the Ulu Langat area. The mountain bikers have been able to make the journey in about 18 hours.

The kacang botol farm overlooking one of the valleys.

The Mat Salleh boys check out the kacang botol creepers with feigned interest.

The main stream that we needed to cross. Its crystal clear and just calls out for you to take a dip. A word of caution is that if you spend too long in the stream you just might get a tiny leech attached to your ass. But its not easy for the little suckers because its a swift flowing stream. Unless of course you've got a large ass...The stream was fast and deep today as the water rushed down stream. Must be the surprising rain we seem to be getting in the 'hot' season.

Edward, 5 minutes before jumping into the most excellently cold water.
The stream actually used to run over the path on the left. Looks like the force of the rains has created a new stream.
Some red flower. Of course Gavin thought it was the Blood Orchid. Anyway it was interesting that it was growing in the shade among the undergrowth and not in the sunlight contradictorily to its bright colour.
Lalang and ferns creating a scene reminiscent of a couple of yachts at sea. Yeah, I'm so full of shit....
A dragonfly stopping itself from touching the water after seeing Jon stripping off and jumping into the stream...

*All pictures courtesy of Chindiana Trails